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Macaulay Culkin Just Showed Off His New 'Home Alone' Face Mask, And It's Too Perfect

Macaulay Culkin Just Showed Off His New 'Home Alone' Face Mask, And It's Too Perfect
Kimberly White/Getty Images for Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

With as weird and stressful as these pandemic times are, we all probably feel like screaming about once a day. But of course, these days, screaming spreads germs.

What's a person to do?

Actor Macaulay Culkin has the perfect solution. He recently shared a photo of himself to Instagram and Twitter wearing a mask featuring the bottom half of his screaming face from Home Alone, and it's everything we all need right now.

Now you can stop hiding your sincere, primal-screaming emotional state under your mask, while also keeping people safe from your droplets.


Perhaps being told "You are such a disease" over and over by his older brother in Home Alone may have really hit a nerve and now Culkin's doing all he can to fight the real disease plaguing us? Art imitates life, as they say.

Culkin, of course, presented this whole thing in his trademark, offbeat Macaulay Culkin way. His caption, in which he said he was keeping safe using the "flayed skin" of his "younger self" made the whole thing even funnier... if a bit gruesome.

But while Culkin may be a bit off-kilter, one thing he's definitely not is "les incompétent," as his Home Alone sister accused him of being. We stan a conscientious adult child star who takes all CDC-recommended precautions for preventing the spread of a deadly virus that has caused a global pandemic.

The image on the mask, of course, comes from the most iconic moment from the first Home Alone movie that made Culkin a household name back in 1990. Culkin's character Kevin slaps some of his dad's aftershave onto his cheeks and reacts with horror to the bracing sting by screaming his head off.

A classic!

On Twitter, people were loving this newest iconic Macaulay Culkin moment.

Though not everyone was on board—some couldn't help but rib Culkin for this latest chapter of off-kilter weirdness.

Regardless of how you feel about Culkin's mask, follow his example and wear your masks, folks.