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GOP Rep. Claims FBI Mole Named 'One Eye' Has Been Leaking Info To Hunter Biden In Bonkers Rant

GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna claimed on Steve Bannon's 'War Room' podcast that she feels like she's in a 'James Bond movie.'

Real America's Voice screenshot of Anna Paulina Luna
Real America's Voice

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna made sensational claims about an alleged FBI mole known as "One-Eye" leaking information to attorney Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Luna's assertion about "One Eye" leaking information to Hunter Biden lacks substantiation and appears to be based on speculation or unfounded rumors.

The lawmaker did not provide any specific details about the alleged mole or the nature of the leaked information.

You can hear what Luna said in the video below.

Luna alleged FBI whistleblowers fear for their lives, adding:

"I mean, between that and to the other point of the FBI is infiltrated—you have a spy by the name of One-Eye. I mean, I say it, I feel like I'm in a James Bond movie, but unfortunately, it's true."
"By the way, the same FBI that's conducting the investigation has a mole that's leaking information to Hunter Biden—probably leaking information on this as well to Hunter Biden. I mean, the extent of which the corruption exists is unknown."

Luna repeated similar claims during an appearance on Fox News, telling host Jesse Watters that the FBI and and some top Democrats are "running cover" to protect the Bidens as the investigation into Hunter Biden continues.

She claimed that the information—which the GOP-controlled House Oversight Committee has examined as it prepares to present contempt-of-Congress filings against FBI Director Christopher Wray—supports her opinion that the FBI "one, is definitely not something that we trust at House Oversight, but also—two, that they have an issue within their own institutions with accountability and leaks."

Many mocked Luna for her claims.

Republicans have long breathed life into conspiracy theories regarding the younger Biden's alleged financial malfeasance and political corruption.

The GOP fervor over Hunter Biden reached new heights following last year's “Twitter files” leak of a series of messages between the social media platform's leadership team in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

The purportedly leaked messages shed light on the political disputes that erupted at Twitter as its officials deliberated over how to handle the dissemination of a New York Post story about the contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden.

The 2020 New York Post investigation published emails suggesting Hunter Biden introduced his father to an executive with Burisma Holdings–a Ukrainian gas firm–in 2015.

The story received criticism for shaky reporting and Twitter's attempts to block the news outlet from sharing the story received criticism from Republicans who accused the tech giant of censoring conservative voices.