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Lockdown Protester Dressed In Scrubs Called Out For Not Actually Being A Nurse Thanks To Some Eagle-Eyed Observers

Lockdown Protester Dressed In Scrubs Called Out For Not Actually Being A Nurse Thanks To Some Eagle-Eyed Observers

First, they accused the Left of voter fraud and then got caught red-handed doing it themselves. Now, it seems the Right might be able to add "fake protestors" to the list of crimes of which they accused the Left and then got caught committing them themselves.

A woman who presented herself as a nurse at a recent lockdown protest has been revealed to be a fraud after some savvy internet folks noticed something very, very wrong with her costume--er, sorry "uniform."

Nurses, of course, are on the front lines of the ongoing pandemic, often fighting it with inadequate personal protective equipment, and have begun to fall ill themselves because of it. As such, they have been urging people to follow the lockdown rules by valiantly counter-protesting in states like Colorado, where right-wingers, often accompanied by white supremacist Nazi-sympathizer types, have protested stay-at-home rulings

So what could be more perfect right-wing messaging than getting nurses to join the protests againstthe lockdowns, right? One such "nurse" did just that, joining a protest over the weekend. But she did such an incompetent job on her costume that she gave herself away as very much not a nurse almost immediately.

Hard to decide what's more appalling: that someone would impersonate a nurse when nurses have begun dying of the virus in substantive numbers; or that they'd do it so hilariously poorly. Because it wasn't just the badge that gave our "nurse" away. Pretty much the entire get-up did.

From the still-creased scrubs... the perfectly flat drawstrings... the immaculate shoes...

...absolutely no one was buying that this really inept cosplayer was an actual RN.


If you're going to traffic in propaganda, at least pay attention to detail! But where would a person even get such an idea in the first place? Well, perhaps from someone like the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, Dr.--yes doctor--Kelli Ward, who recently urged right-wing protestors to dress like healthcare workers, even if they're not.

When pressed as to why she was suggesting people do this, Dr. Ward, of course, claimed in a follow-up tweet that it's because the Left is sending fake nurses to its protests.

"Takes away the Leftist narrative that a few 'brave, overworked healthcare workers' happened to show up ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, wearing the same outfits & postures, on the same day SPONTANEOUSLY. If everyone wears scrubs - no Leftist narrative. That's why they're so mad!"


You just can't make this stuff up. Anyway, if you're wondering if impersonating a nurse is illegal--aside from being, you know, disgusting--the answer is yes, it absolutely is.

And unsurprisingly, our little cosplaying protest actress didn't win many friends on Twitter.

Since honesty doesn't seem to be a priority for the right-wing side of this debate, perhaps we should just keep listening to the medical experts telling us to stay home as much as possible and wear a mask when we go out. Just an idea!