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Lindsey Graham Dragged After Complaining About Border Wall Hole Needing To Be 'Plugged' In Viral Video

Lindsey Graham Dragged After Complaining About Border Wall Hole Needing To Be 'Plugged' In Viral Video
Stefani Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is once again getting roasted on Twitter, after complaining in a video about the wall at the southern border with Mexico having a hole in it.

Graham's complaint comes in the wake of Democratic President Biden having signed an executive order that halted all work on the wall, a signature piece of legislation for former Republican President Donald Trump.

Graham expressed his outrage in a video posted to Twitter.

In the video that began his Twitter thread, Graham criticized the Biden Administration for the gaping hole in the wall.

Graham said the hole in the wall, which is along the Arizona border with Mexico, makes the entire wall useless and requires extra personnel to patrol the border.

As he explained in the video:

"They're having to use labor-intensive efforts of manpower. They're having people watch and ATVs going up and down. If they would just build these two panels, they could take those resources and apply it somewhere else."

Graham did not mention that that is precisely how the border was patrolled for decades before the wall was built.

And as for resources, Graham also neglected to mention the extraordinary sums of money that were necessary to build the wall in the first place.

An October 2020 report by The Texas Tribune and ProPublica found that just the original contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers alone, which totaled $788 million, have since more than tripled, ballooning to more than $3 billion.

And much of the funding for the wall has come from reallocated money taken away from other endeavors, such as the military budget and programs to fight drug trafficking.

All this for a wall that experts on the matter, many of them Republicans, warned Trump and politicians like Graham would not succeed in preventing illegal immigration or drug trafficking.

On Twitter, people lambasted Graham for his statements about the wall.

Biden's executive order halting the wall's construction lasts for 60 days. His administration has not said what, if anything, will happen after that period expires on March 21.