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'Will & Grace' Actor Leslie Jordan Is Dropping Pure Comedy Gold On Instagram As He Self-Isolates With His Mother


Once again, levity in the time of quarantine is all too important.

Some folks don't need much to entertain: just themselves, their mother, and to be stuck in the same place as that person indefinitely.

Enter Leslie Jordan: you may recognize him as Beverly Leslie from Will & Grace.

He wants you to know that quarantine doesn't need to keep you down.

Here's how to stay active:

And he empathizes with you.

He knows March was the longest month ever this year.

Afterwards he yell to his mother, whom he is in quarantine with.

He's thinking about learning a language.

Habla Espanol?

And learning some new dances.

So Jordan is definitely keeping himself plenty busy during this isolated time.

Leslie Jordan is inspiring the entire internet to say "same."

Since we are all having to make the best of this quarantine, it's good to know we aren't alone.

Once again, thank goodness for the levity folks like Leslie Jordan are bringing us.

Jordan's book My Trip Down the Pink Carpet is available here.

Jordan's one man show of the same name is available here.