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Leslie Jordan Posts Throwback Thirst Trap Photo From When He Was Young And Ripped—And Wow

Trisha Leeper/Getty Images for GLAAD

Contrary to popular belief, Leslie Jordan has not been a hilarious older gentleman for his entire life.

In fact, you might be surprised to hear that Jordan is only 66 years old—a full 8 years younger than film star Glenn Close.

But Jordan was once youthful, bright, and absolutely a stud muffin. For reference, this is Leslie Jordan in 2021.

And this is Leslie Jordan in 1980, looking like the next door neighbor you just couldn't stop peeking out the window at:

And the internet is absolutely shocked.

Shocked, and, of course, thirsty.

Jordan was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The photo was taken at his mother's house, where he actually spent part of the pandemic locked down.

Two years after this photo was taken, Jordan would move to Los Angeles and the transformation into the Leslie Jordan we know and love today would begin.

Jordan also shared another throwback photo of himself earlier this year. This one depicted a slightly more familiar looking face all dressed up for senior picture day, in response to singer Chris Stapleton posting a similar throwback.

Jordan's first credit after moving to LA in 1982 was in the Richard Pryor and Randy Quaid film Moving as a featured extra.

Even though Leslie Jordan may have been jaw-droppingly fit in the early 80s, nothing is better than the delight his Instagram videos brought the world 40 years later during the pandemic.

We love you Leslie!