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Jared Kushner Ripped Over His Prediction That The U.S. Will Be 'Really Rocking Again' By July

Jared Kushner Ripped Over His Prediction That The U.S. Will Be 'Really Rocking Again' By July

The President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said during an interview on Fox News that the country would be "really rocking again" by July, inspiring cringes from both the health community and the rock community.

You can see his remarks here.

Kusher's forecast, like those made by the President, was incredibly optimistic.

Especially considering the number of cases in the United States continues to rise and medical professionals say the arrival of warm weather could have limited effects on the virus.

Kushner also lashed out at those who he described as advocating for an "eternal lockdown."

But many noted that the White House's own medical experts have warned of the dangers of re-opening the country early.

Of course, the most awkward thing about Kushner's interview may have been the phrase "really rocking."

Though Kushner said he believes the United States is now testing at a level to be confident reopening, widespread testing is still not available and the country's rate of testing is far below most other nations.

Meanwhile, health experts warn that many areas will likely have to vacillate between opening and closing until the nation secures either a vaccine or easily available testing.

Twitter couldn't help but roast Kushner.

It's hard to believe Kushner would ever have found himself working in the White House if his father-in-law hadn't been elected President.

President Trump's desire for America to return to work despite the pandemic isn't hard to understand.

Trump is worried about the political effects a poor economy might have on his reelection chances.

And Trump has always cared more about his own well-being than the well-being of his citizens.

Remember to listen to real health professionals and, before long, the country may be rocking once more.

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