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Trump Supporter Dragged Hard After Trying To Slam Biden Over A Visible Mic Cord At The White House

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Amy Kremer is one of the founders of the Women For Trump organization, the Tea Party Patriots social media site, the Tea Party Express bus tour and the Great America PAC, a political action committee dedicated to supporting Donald Trump.

She is also under investigation as one of the people who secured the permits for what turned into the Capitol riot.

In other words, Kremer spent years being dedicated to, supportive of and directly connected to much of Trump's administration. That may be why her recent petty Twitter jab at President Biden got people fired up.

Kremer posted a still image from a White House press briefing.

The image features no people; just an empty podium, monitors and a small side table. Kremer's post didn't criticize, or even address, the content of the meeting.

Instead, she opted to insult Joe Biden over a cord run across the floor.

Kremer's tweet alleged you would have never seen poor cord management like that while Trump was in office. So Twitter decided to take a walk down memory lane.


Also, if a mic cord is worthy of criticizing a President over, Twitter figured these other things might interest Kremer as well.

But we all know an unsightly cord is pretty low down on the list of Presidential faux pas.

Kremer has not responded to her Twitter roasting, but remains dedicated to her chosen cause of supporting Donald Trump.