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News Story About Teen Drug Use Roasted For Their Bizarre Take On A 'Normal Teen Bedroom'

News Story About Teen Drug Use Roasted For Their Bizarre Take On A 'Normal Teen Bedroom'
urbazon/Getty Images; @ariellec/Twitter

A Saint Louis news station's report on teen drug use was meant to inspire caution and concern for parents of adolescents. Instead, it has inspired guffaws and roasts from the internet.

In the report, KMOV newscaster Paige Hulsey showed what was supposedly the "normal teen's bedroom" of an adolescent who obviously enjoys marijuana, complete with tie dye wall hangings and 420-themed decor.

But the room, seen below, was obviously an office converted into a teen's bedroom by someone who is absolutely, undeniably NOT a teenager. And the internet cannot stop dunking on it.

KMOV's story was meant to be a primer for parents on what signs to look for if they suspect their teenager is experimenting with drugs. Included was the shot of the teen bedroom, the revelatory contents of which Hulsey said "shocked" her. But judging from the response, Hulsey was pretty much the only one learning anything from this foray into teen bedrooms.

In her tweet, Hulsey wrote, "Looks like a normal teen's bedroom, right?" And the internet was basically like, "Let me stop you right there."

The "bedroom" shown has all the hallmarks of a generic office park conference room--fluorescent lighting, a drop ceiling, wide windows with Venetian blinds, carpet tile and walls painted a flat, lifeless beige. It's like someone took the Dunder-Mifflin headquarters from The Office, taped a tie-dye mural to the wall, threw in a bed and called it a day.

And that's all before we even get to the hilariously on the nose "mile 420" freeway sign--referencing, of course, the "420" slang term for marijuana.

Speaking to HuffPost, Hulsey said that she stipulated in her broadcast that the room was a set used by a local drug prevention group.

"I said that in the liveshot. 'We are inside DEA headquarters downtown I also said that the space made to look like a bedroom was set up by the group 'Addiction is Real.'"

But that didn't make it any less hilarious, and Twitter roasted this whole thing to a deep, dark crisp anyway.

For her part, Hulsey doesn't seem to find this amusing and has been defending the "teen's bedroom" to the commenters in her Twitter replies... which of course only makes this whole thing funnier. Isn't the internet wonderful?