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BFFs Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian West Just Reunited To Tease Us With A 'Surprise'—And Fans Are Pumped

Photo by John Stanton/WireImage via Getty Images, @Agustin_Gil/Twitter

It's not every day that two mid-2000s pop icons reunite to give the internet a message, but May 3, 2019, was not just any day.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West tweeted the surprise with the hashtag #SecretProject:

Hilton and West, both 38, ask "you guys know what we're doing today?"

"It's a surprise!"

According to UPI, "Hilton and Kardashian were filming a music video for Hilton's new single 'Best Friend's *ss.'"

And some people weren't too keen on that idea:

And this is not the first time Hilton and West have collaborated.

When Kanye West, Kim's husband, was putting out his clothing line, Yeezy, Hilton played a pivotal role in marketing.

Still, people are unsure how to feel about the collaboration.

We will see if the duo's collaboration receives as mixed of reviews.