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Kelly Clarkson Stuns Diners With Choir-Backed Flash Mob Performing New Songs—And Wow

The singer and talk show host surprised people at an outdoor shopping center and a coffee shop in Los Angeles with songs off her new album 'Chemistry.'

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has a new album coming out—Chemistry—and she came up with a great way to bring attention to it.

Flash mobs.

The singer along with the Los Angeles based choir Tonality made the rounds recently in Los Angeles, California serenading diners.

The singer then posted videos of the flash mobs to her Instagram.

In one, Clarkson serenaded a Blue Bottle Coffee Shop crowd, along with the choir, finishing by ordering a latte with a smile.

Clarkson was at the register, the rest of the choir on the balcony upstairs.

She also brought the choir and her new songs to an outside cafe at a shopping mall and sang for diners there.

"This was so fun, y'all!"

People imagined what it would be like if they were dining, or in a cafe, and Clarkson came in and started singing.





Others critiqued the audiences, saying they were not properly appreciative of the performance they received.




Several people pointed out a person on their headphones during the entire cafe performance.


Others pointed out how much talent it takes to make performances this on pitch and evocative outside of a studio.



Finally, people proved this marketing strategy worked.


Clarkson's new album Chemistry is out on June 23, 2023.