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Kari Lake Schooled After Claiming A Whopping 300 Million Americans 'Support President Trump'

If the failed GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate's claim on Real America's Voice is correct, that would mean 90% of Americans support Trump.

Real America's Voice screenshot of Kari Lake
Real America's Voice

Failed Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has drawn criticism for making exaggerated claims about support for former President Donald Trump.

Lake claimed 300 million Americans support the twice impeached, now indicted ex-President.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, Lake made far-fetched statements regarding Trump's recent indictment on federal charges of stealing classified documents and the level of public backlash that would allegedly ensue.

You can hear what Lake said in the video below.

Her assertions—widely regarded as absurd and mathematically inaccurate—generated a strong response on social media platforms.

Lake's attempt to drum up support for Trump involved stating if prosecutors wanted to target the former President, they would have to go "through" her and the 75 million Americans who supported Trump and were members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

However, she further inflated her claims on the podcast by suggesting around 90 percent of the United States population, approximately 300 million people, would protest Trump's indictment for taking, hiding and lying about top-secret documents moved to Mar-a-Lago upon his leaving the White House.

Lake said:

“If they think they are going to hurt, lay a finger on our president ― President Trump ― they’re going to have to come through me."
"And I made a mistake, I said 75 million others just like me. I think it’s more like 300 million others just like me.”

Lake's exaggerated claims and flawed mathematics did not go unnoticed by Twitter users who mocked her profusely. People took the opportunity to point out the implausibility of her assertions.

Many provided humorous and critical responses to her statements.

In his initial appearance before the court in Miami, Trump entered a plea of not guilty in the federal case brought against him.

Prior to the hearing, law enforcement officials booked him in connection with the alleged concealing of highly classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate and resort club. Furthermore, he is accused of lying and obstructing federal officials during their attempts to retrieve the said documents.

It marks the first instance in which a former President has faced federal charges. Trump, currently engaged in another presidential campaign, asserts that the prosecution initiated by the Justice Department is driven by political motives.

In anticipation of Trump's presence in federal court, both federal and local authorities heightened security measures while his supporters staged small demonstrations outside the courthouse.