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Kacey Musgraves Puts 'F**king Awful' American Airlines Flight On Blast After Worker Made Her Cry

Kacey Musgraves Puts 'F**king Awful' American Airlines Flight On Blast After Worker Made Her Cry
Xavi Torrent/WireImage/Getty Images

Stars—they're just like us. Even they get treated like absolute garbage by airlines.

At least, that's what happened to country superstar Kacey Musgraves after a recent flight on American Airlines that was so bad it made her literally cry.

And the singer is putting them all the way on blast.

After a truly harrowing transcontinental trip with the airline to a show in Spain, Musgraves took to Twitter to call them out about her experience, and it's got people cringing all over the internet.

Read her story below.



In a lengthy message she screenshotted for Twitter, Musgraves wrote:

"Just ended my travels to/from my show in Spain on the most intense and honestly f*cking awful flight on @americanair."
"It’s extremely rare for me to want to come to a social-media platform to complain about something like this."
"I know there are way bigger things going on in the world at the moment. But I truthfully just don’t want anyone else to have my experience."

Now we know what you're thinking—this is just the usual privileged celebrity boo-hoo tale.

Well, the experience was apparently so bad it made not just Musgraves but another passenger cry and left the flight staff in disbelief.

"[I]t was the appalling and shockingly hostile behavior of a certain male employee (the flight’s chief purser) that I will be filing a massive complaint against along with many other passengers that were subject to his extremely overblown, unnecessary aggression and erratic behavior."
"He made me feel unsafe and upset to the point of crying and I witnessed another passenger he also made cry."
"The female flight attendants on board vocalized their own disbelief, and struggles with him as well."

Uh, yikes.

Musgraves closed her message out with a warning for the airline.

"@americanair, I will be going through the proper channels but I need to make it extra known that you have a liability on your hands with this man."

On Twitter, many people applauded Musgraves for speaking out, especially those who've had terrible experiences with American themselves.

Moral of the story?

If you're gonna be angry at your service job make sure there are no A-list celebrities onboard first.