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'Uncut Gems' Star Julia Fox Goes Viral For Bizarre Interview About 'Masterpiece' Book She's Writing

'Uncut Gems' Star Julia Fox Goes Viral For Bizarre Interview About 'Masterpiece' Book She's Writing

Julia Fox is trending again but for another reason besides her ex.

Uncut Gems actress, fashionista and ex-girlfriend to embattled rapper Ye, Julia Fox has been the topic of viral news stories multiple times in recent history.

Some may remember when Fox went viral for the unusual way she said Uncut Gems—as "Uncut Jams"—in an interview, or when she confidently called herself Ye's muse.

Fox has made headlines again for another interview.

She is about to make her debut as an author and was interviewed by Variety about her upcoming book. Her response was bold, to say the least.

Watch the video here:

Fox was interviewed about her project during the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

During the interview, Fox was asked to give an update about the book's progress.

She vaguely responded:

"I don’t wanna give too much of it away because I am very superstitious, so I don’t like to speak of things before they’re finished."
“But so far, it’s a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.”

When asked whether the book was a memoir or fiction, Fox responded:

“It was like a memoir at first, but now it’s just like my first book, you know?”
“That will be coming out soon.”

The interview has since gone viral due to the nature of Fox's responses.

Twitter users are both joking about and scratching their heads over the exchange, as Fox somehow gave almost no details about her book whilst assuring Variety it was indeed a masterpiece.

Fox has been the topic of headlines ever since her brief relationship with popular musician Ye. Fox, however, is ready to make her mark in Hollywood as Julia Fox, rather than "Ye's ex-girlfriend."

She told The New York Times:

“Look at the big picture. That was amazing for me."
“The exposure was priceless, but I do think eventually I’ll surpass the [Ye] narrative. Believe it or not, [Ye’s] not the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Hopefully we'll read amazing things in her upcoming book—whatever it's about.

Considering she hasn't anything yet, your guess is as good as ours.