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LAX Immigration Official Stops Journalist, Accuses Him Of Being Part Of The 'Fake News Media'


It appears that, once again, President Donald Trump's rhetoric and demonization of the media has resulted in real life confrontations from his supporters.

This time it reportedly happened to Empire Magazine's entertainment reporter James Dyer during a customs check at LAX airport.

It began when Dyer presented his journalist visa to a Customs & Border Patrol Agent, who responded by calling him a member of the "fake news media," a term practically coined by Donald Trump.

It all went downhill from there.

Turns out the agent knew where to find "real news."


Dyer literally just wanted to write about Star Wars.



After the thread went viral, Dyer hopped back on to make some clarifications.

While Dyer stressed that the behavior was startling and unprofessional, but not illegal, people were still flabbergasted.

So unprofessional.

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