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Jordan Peele Is Sending Out A Creepy Gift To People With A Note About His Upcoming Film 'Us'—And We're Jealous

Jordan Peele Is Sending Out A Creepy Gift To People With A Note About His Upcoming Film 'Us'—And We're Jealous
Christopher Polk/Getty Images, Twitter: @LittleBitK_Reyn

In the pantheon of ingenious early marketing schemes, this has got to be the most inspired... and also the creepiest.

(Can we get a wellness check on Jordan Peele?)

Media and entertainment types all over the country got a very special package this week from none other than Key and Peele star and Oscar-winning Get Out creator Jordan Peele.

Inside the package?

A pair of golden scissors, and a very, very ominous note.

"On December 25, join the untethering," the note reads, before closing with: "Watch yourself."


There's also a URL provided, that apparently personalizes the message.

How charming! Except yikes!

Seriously someone check on Jordan Peele!

The stunt is a teaser promo for Peele's Get Out follow-up, Us. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film follows a couple, played by Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke, who take their children to Nyong'o's character Adelaide's childhood home in a beachside California town for the summer.

Adelaide is haunted by a past trauma. After a day at the beach with another couple, played by Elizabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker, she becomes increasingly paranoid that something horrific will befall her family.

After they return home that night, Adelaide and her family see four figures holding hands at the end of their driveway and please excuse me because I had a recurring nightmare as a child about exactly that driveway thing so I need to go scream into a pillow now!

Anyway EW also released a few choice first-looks at the film that are definitely, um, extremely unsettling.

Especially this one. Call me "triggered"!


Coupled with these images it sounds like this whole thing is going to be full-tilt terrifying and the internet is full-tilt here for it!

But the stunt left those not lucky enough to receive this murderous parcel drowning in anticipation and jealousy!

Same, Tatiana, same.

Anyway, no word as yet exactly how the golden shears tether to the story (see what I did there?), but seems like the jealousy alone will be driving plenty of people to the box office in March!