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MAGA Rep. Mike Johnson Claims That God 'Ordained' Him To Become House Speaker—And Here We Go

Newly-elected GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson told Congress that 'scripture' had 'ordained' each of them to help bring him to the speakership.

Mike Johnson
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

In his first remarks after being elected as the Republican Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson delivered a speech emphasizing his belief in divine ordination, drawing upon "Scripture" and "the Bible" to assert that God is responsible for raising those in authority.

Johnson expressed his conviction that his election, along with the other members of Congress, was not a coincidence but a divine plan. He urged his colleagues to recognize their significant responsibility and use their God-given gifts to serve the people of the nation.

You can hear his remarks in the video below.

Johnson said:

“I want to tell all my colleagues here what I told the Republicans in that room last night. I don’t believe there are any coincidences in a manner like this. I believe that Scripture, the Bible is very clear that God is the one that raises up those in authority."
"He raised up each of you, all of us. And I believe that God has ordained and allowed each one of us to be brought here for this specific moment in this time. This is my belief."
"I believe that each one of us has a huge responsibility today, to use the gifts that God has given us to serve the extraordinary people of this great country, and they deserve it.”

Many have criticized Johnson in response.

Johnson is the epitome of a MAGA extremist.

Johnson is known for consistently supporting anti-abortion policies, having voted for a nationwide abortion ban and co-sponsored a 20-week abortion ban.

His unwavering stance on these issues has led to an A-plus rating from the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. Johnson notably celebrated the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, describing it as an "extraordinary day in American history."

Johnson co-hosts a religious podcast with his wife and regards Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan, a co-founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, as his mentor.

Last year, he introduced a bill that sought to prohibit federal funding for sex education programs addressing LGBTQ+ topics for children under 10, akin to Florida's contentious "Don't Say Gay" law. Johnson defended this legislation as a matter of "common sense."