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GOP Lawmaker's Attempt To Call Out Hunter Biden's Past Drug Use Turns Into Awkward Self-Own

The GOP in their zeal to divert attention from the high crimes and misdemeanors of President Donald Trump in the House impeachment process keep targeting private citizens like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden who has not held a federal government position.

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz—who has quite literally led the charge into secured locations with a cadre of other GOP Representatives and their cell phones and crashed committee hearings in violation of rules enacted by a Republican lead Congress—brought up Hunter Biden during House Judiciary Committee debate on Thursday.

Gaetz tried to introduce an amendment.

Not content to stick to the matter at hand regarding what President Trump did or did not do, Gaetz read from a New Yorker article about alleged substance abuse by Hunter Biden as justification for his amendment.

Gaetz stated based on the New Yorker article and not an arrest record:

"It's a little hard to believe that Burisma hired Hunter Biden to resolve their international dispute when he could not resolve his own dispute with Hertz rental car over leaving cocaine and a crack pipe in the car."

But Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia was not having the latest distraction from Gaetz.

Representative Johnson stated:

"The pot calling the kettle black is not something that we should do. I don't know what members, if any, have had any problems with substance abuse, been busted in DUI. I don't know. But if I did, I wouldn't raise it on this committee. I don't think it's proper."

Rep. Hank Johnson : "The pot calling the kettle black is not something that we should do."

So who on the committee might have been arrested for a DUI?

And have a well documented and publicized history of substance abuse issues?


In fact, there's quite an arrest record available.

And not for Hunter Biden.

At age 18, Biden was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

At age 26, Gaetz was arrested for drunk driving.

In his extended remarks, Johnson asked the committee to remember the purpose of the impeachment and their constitutional duty. None of that involves smearing private citizens in the court of public opinion.