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Johnny Knoxville Reveals Who His Oscar-Winning Doppelganger Is—And He's Not Wrong

The 'Prank Panel' star told 'Live with Kelly and Mark' how he is twinning with Jamie Lee Curtis after he stopped coloring his hair.

Johnny Knoxville
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Sometimes when people point out something they've noticed, it's impossible to unsee it after that point.

That certainly includes resemblances between major celebrities.

During an interview on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, Bad Grandpa andThe Dudes of Hazzard actor Johnny Knoxville pointed out that he looked like a certain celebrity, and now his fans can't unsee it.

It all started when Kelly pointed out Knoxville's full head of thick silver-gray hair. The actor confided that he had needed to start coloring his hair in his twenties to keep up his appearance, but when the pandemic happened, he decided that since he couldn't leave his home and wouldn't be seeing anyone, he would let his hair naturally grow out.

Mark asked him:

"Are you getting the Silver Fox name? Have people been calling you that?"

To this, Knoxville dropped a comparison fans immediately recognized.

"Actually, I get a lot of Jamie Lee Curtis."

Yes, the Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis who immediately comes to mind. Halloween, Knives Out, Christmas with the Kranks Jamie Lee Curtis.

Knoxville was totally cool with the comparison.

"Which I love! My sister, Jamie Lee Curtis. Hi, Jamie!"

Kelly and Mark both admitted to seeing the resemblance.

"You know what? I can see it."
"It's funny, because I can see it!"

Knoxville totally agreed with the comparison.

"It's the glasses. It's the hair..."

Kelly added:

"It's the weirdest thing ever, because I was like, 'Oh! Now that you mention it!'"

You can watch the interview excerpt here:

Twitter was overwhelmed by how great the resemblance was.

Some have already joked about Johnny Knoxville morphing into or cosplaying Jamie Lee Curtis at this point, and we have to admit, they have a serious opportunity here to play siblings in a rom-com or a comedy.

Jamie Lee Curtis already starred in a Freaky Friday reboot.

Imagine this hilarious pair doing some kind of comedy that involved characters swapping places. Hilarity would ensue.