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Even Joe Rogan Is 'Appalled' At How Much Conservative Hate The 'Barbie' Movie Is Getting

The podcaster made some suprisingly valid points about those claiming the movie is 'anti-men' during a recent conversation with Post Malone.

YouTube screenshot of Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience

Right-wing podcaster Joe Rogan expressed his surprise and bewilderment at the level of outrage conservatives have directed at Greta Gerwig's Barbie.

While many conservatives and pundits have criticized the film for alleged progressive messaging, Rogan dismissed the intense reactions and offered his perspective on the matter, saying he is "appalled at how easily outraged so many people are.”

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan sat down with guest Post Malone and shared his confusion over the intense reactions to a film about dolls coming to life and navigating the real world.

You can hear what Rogan said in the video below.

Joe is Perplexed by Barbie Movie

Rogan said:

“People are upset that it’s this like progressive metaphor for life that they’re pushing progressive politics in this and I’m like, it’s a f**king doll movie!”
“It’s a doll movie. It’s a fun movie about dolls who come to life and try to interact with the real world. I know some people personally who said it’s anti-men. I’m like, no, it’s making fun of dorks."
“They think it’s a super woke movie… But it’s also a movie about how Barbies are the dolls that everyone cares about. And Ken is just a f**king accessory, which is real."
“And then in the movie they go to the real world and the real world sucks and it’s run by men. And so this is what people are saying makes this an anti-man movie.”
“I don’t get it. I’m appalled at how easily outraged so many people are.”

Barbie has garnered attention for its exploration of gender roles, power dynamics, and societal issues and has grossed $1.06 billion worldwide, marking the first time a film by a solo female director did so.

Many concurred with Rogan's assessment.

Rogan's commentary was no doubt inspired by recent outbursts from right-wing figures like Bill Maher and Ben Shapiro.

Earlier this week, Maher shared his less-than-enthusiastic thoughts on the movie, particularly focusing on what he perceived as its "preachy" and "man-hating" elements.

Meanwhile, Shapiro—who made headlines last month for burning several dolls on a barbecue grill to symbolize his discontent with the film—asserted that the movie's popularity would plummet after the first week, only to be reminded of his bogus prediction after the film crossed the $1 billion mark.