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QAnoners Feel 'Betrayed' Seeing Biden Using Air Force One Since They Thought Trump Was Secretly Using It

QAnoners Feel 'Betrayed' Seeing Biden Using Air Force One Since They Thought Trump Was Secretly Using It

On Tuesday, February 16, President Joe Biden boarded the office's personal Boeing 747, commonly known as Air Force One, for the first time since taking office.

Though the moment wasn't noticed by the vast majority of Americans, it was a "devastating blow" for conservatives who follow the unhinged conspiracy theory QAnon.

Apparently, many QAnon supporters believe that Donald Trump has secretly continued to act as President while Joe Biden pretends to be President for the public.

Many QAnon followers were shocked to see Biden boarding Air Force one because they believed President Trump was still secretly using it.

NBC's Ben Collins elaborated on QAnon's evolving conspiracies, saying:

"You know, they hold on to these little nuggets, they hope in the future there are -- they believe right now there are two presidents and this will all get sorted out on March 4th."
"But they lose hope along the way. For example, last night when Joe Biden boarded Air Force One, the real one, for the first time, that was a blow. They felt betrayed by this. They thought that Air Force One was still being used by President Trump in secret."

Collins went on to say:

"This is winding its way through text messages, through churches in the United States, who are preaching sort of the gospel of Q without the QAnon branding, and they are saying March 4th is a big day for them and one of them said today they're halfway through this. They are planning for this to be a year's-long thing."

Though the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation is a very serious issue in America, Twitter couldn't help but make fun of the wild things some people would believe.

Sorry, Q, it looks like your theory has gone off the rails once again.