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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals The Movie Flop Adele Warned Her Not To Do: 'I Should Have Listened To Her'

The pop sensation knew the film wasn't a good choice, but Lawrence did it anyway.

Jennifer Lawrence; Adele
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images; Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty Images

Every actor, no matter how famous, makes a wrong call or two in their career and ends up having a bit of a flop every now and then. Megastar Jennifer Lawrence is no exception.

Case in point: Passengers.

In case you've forgotten the 2016 film like most of us, Passengers paired Lawrence with another megastar, Chris Pratt, in a space-set sci-fi thriller sure to be a big-budget blockbuster.

Instead, while it did make plenty of money at the box office, the film was an undeniable flop critically, with a 30% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

And it all could have been avoided if Lawrence had just listened to Adele.

Not her music, but the woman herself.

As Lawrence revealed in a new interview with The New York Times, the pop diva warned Lawrence against making the film and Lawrence wishes she'd listened.

Lawrence and Adele are close friends--and the genuine kind, not the Hollywood kind, the kind that play rollicking games of "musical shots" together at New York gay bar Pieces, as the Times' profile describes in an anecdote that opens its Lawrence profile.

And when it came time to consider Passengers, Lawrence's Grammy-winning bestie proved to be a good talent manager as well.

Lawrence told the Times that Passengers came her way at an awkward point in her career where she'd already won a Best Actress Oscar and had just finished the Hunger Games series that made her an international megastar.

Lawrence said she felt "just a loss of control" over her career at this point, and began making films that sometimes felt a bit off-the-mark--not just to her but to her fans. As she put it to the Times:

“I was like, ‘Oh no, you guys are here because I’m here, and I’m here because you’re here. Wait, who decided that this was a good movie?’”

When asked to name a film that made her feel this way, Lawrence identified Passengers, and chalked it up to not taking Adele's advice. Lawrence told the Times:

“Adele told me not to do it! She was like, ‘I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.’ I should have listened to her.”

On social media, many people applauded Adele's career advice.

So there you have it: Adele is perfect and all-knowing, not that we didn't all know that already!