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Jen Psaki Blasts Fox News Reporter For Trying To Downplay Georgia's New Voting Restrictions

Jen Psaki Blasts Fox News Reporter For Trying To Downplay Georgia's New Voting Restrictions
Samuel Corum/Getty Images; Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki pulls no punches when it comes to politely declaring something ridiculous, a tactic she used effectively on Fox News' Peter Doocy after a question regarding the MLB's decision to pull the All-Star game from Georgia over concerns about the state's voter suppression efforts.

Doocy posed the question to Psaki by saying:

"Is the White House concerned that Major League Baseball is moving their All-Star Game to Colorado, where voting regulations are very similar to Georgia?"

Psaki looked politely puzzled and responded:

"Colorado allows you to register on election day."
"Colorado has voting by mail, where they send to 100% of people in the state who have eligible applications to vote by mail."
"Ninety-four percent of people in Colorado voted by mail in the 2020 election."

Psaki continued:

"They also allow for a range of materials to provide for the limited number of people who vote on election day..."
"I think it's important to remember the context here of the Georgia legislation is built on a lie."
"There was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election."
"Georgia's top Republican election officials have acknowledged that repeatedly in interviews."

She added:

"What there was, however, was record-setting turnout, especially by voters of color..."
"What we're seeing here for politicians who didn't like the outcome, they're not changing their policies to win more votes, they're changing the rules to exclude more voters."
"And we certainly see the circumstances as different."

Colorado's voter laws are not nearly as restrictive as Georgia's newly enacted ones.

The demographics in the two most populous cities in each state are staggeringly different. Atlanta is nearly 51% Black, while Denver is not even 10% Black.

Also, Colorado has yet to make it illegal for voters to receive food and drinks within 25 feet of lines that may take hours to get through.

Psaki fields all the questions from reporters she can without getting combative, something not typical of the previous administration's press secretaries. But she has no problem debunking disingenuous or erroneous claims.

The Biden administration's ability to deal with such attempts by right-wing media is strong while Psaki's in their way.