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Musician James Blunt Just Effortlessly Destroyed A Troll Who Shamed Him For Getting Vaccinated

Musician James Blunt Just Effortlessly Destroyed A Troll Who Shamed Him For Getting Vaccinated
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Loci

Add musician James Blunt to the list of people who've had it with anti-vaxxers' nonsense: When an anti-vaxx troll tried to come for him on Twitter, Blunt had the perfect clapback--and he didn't mince a single word.

It all began when the "You're Beautiful" singer tweeted about his three-jab COVID-19 vaccination record, to which the troll replied by implying the vaccinations would end up harming him down the road, a common and totally unfounded belief among many anti-vaxxers.

In keeping with his surname, Blunt vanquished the troll with just four expertly chosen words. As often happens with such perfect clapbacks, the troll has deleted his tweet that started it all.

But of course screenshots live forever, so you can see the back-and-forth below.

The troll's reply was in response to a tweet Blunt posted showing the records of his three COVID-19 vaccinations—one of each of the shots manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca, the three most available vaccines in the U.K. and Europe.

Along with screenshots of his three vaccinations, Blunt quipped:

"Guys, the government are giving away free drugs, and I am trying ALL of them."

A relatable sentiment, to be sure—especially since, although results are not yet conclusive, some studies have indicated that mixing up the different vaccine shots provides a heightened advantage in protecting against COVID-19 infection and disease.

But of course the anti-vaxxers have never met a piece of science they didn't immediately disregard as a lie in favor of some bizarre and provably false conspiracy theory. So sure enough, one of them came out of the woodwork in the replies to Blunt's tweet, to tell him that his tweet "won't age well."

To which Blunt simply replied:

"And neither will you."

Anti-vaxxers have been spreading a flood of false narratives about the COVID-19 vaccine in recent months, from claims it causes infertility to more egregious assertions it is actively killing people—including allegations that it killed actress Betty White who died at age 99 on New Year's Eve.

Given all this nonsense, people on Twitter absolutely loved Blunt's...well, blunt take-down of his troll.

Sometimes there's just nothing more beautiful than blunt-ness.