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Jacob Elordi Under Investigation After Altercation Over Joke About 'Saltburn' Bathwater

The 'Saltburn' star is being investigated by Australian police after allegedly shoving a radio producer and putting his hands on his throat over a joke about the racy bathwater scene.

Jacob Elordi
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for FLC

Actor Jacob Elordi is under investigation following an altercation with an Australian radio producer in Sydney.

Joshua Fox, who produces Sydney radio station KIIS FM's morning show Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show, recently asked Elordi about the now-infamous bathwater scene in Saltburn.

Elordi has been pretty game about the scene, in which costar Barry Keoghan drinks his character's bathwater following a moment of, shall we say, adult private time.

But Elordi's sense of humor apparently has limits. He became agitated after Fox harassed him with a camera outside a Sydney beer garden, and allegedly grabbed the producer by the throat.

Jacob Elordi Under POLICE INVESTIGATION After Alleged Assault of Radio Producer| E!

Fox himself admitted on air that the joke he attempted to make "did not land."

He confronted Elordi with a camera outside the Sydney establishment and asked him for some bathwater to give to radio co-host Jackie Henderson as a birthday gift.

Given the sexual nature of the bathwater scene in Saltburn, the joke has obvious sexual connotations. Such a "gift" could also be construed as sexual harassment.

Combine that with being confronted in public and filmed without consent, it's not hard to see why Elordi would become perturbed.

But things apparently escalated when Elordi demanded Fox also delete his footage. Fox told Variety what he was thinking in the moment.

“I refuse to because I feel uncomfortable right now and this is the only evidence."
"And then Jacob kind of just flips and he kind of pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat.”

The New South Wales Police confirmed to Variety that they are now investigating the matter.

Despite the violent nature of the alleged attack, many online are firmly on Elordi's side.

Fox's long track record of producing offensive content on the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show and the harassment involved in his attempt at the bathwater "joke" have led many to leap to Elordi's defense.

Police confirmed that Fox was not injured in the altercation. Fox said on-air that he does not intend to press charges and wants to simply move forward from the incident.