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'New York Post' Dragged After Claiming A.I. 'Finally Revealed' What Jack The Ripper Looked Like

A 'New York Post' headline touting an A.I. rendition of famed serial killer Jack the Ripper's face recently hit the web—and was instantly roasted on social media.

Jack the Ripper
Denis-Art / Getty Images

It's been more than 225 years since his killing spree, and the identity of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper has still never been determined.

But artificial intelligence, the technology that struggles to accurately render humans with the correct number of hands, feet, teeth and occasionally even eyes, is convinced it has cracked the code on what Jack the Ripper looked like.

That's what The New York Post is claiming, anyway, after Welsh Jack the Ripper enthusiast Jeff Leahy used AI to come up with what the killer supposedly looks like, as seen below.

First, some facts. If that is Jack the Ripper, he was a stone cold fox (apart from whatever's going on with that ear on the right). But more importantly, this bears no resemblance to the main historical description we have of the killer.

Jack the Ripper was known to have murdered at least five people in 1888, all of them sex workers in London's East End section of Whitechapel. A local man, Joseph Lawende, claimed to have seen one of the victims, Catherine Eddowes, with a "fair-haired man" just before she was murdered.

That's not much to work with, of course, but it's the closest thing to a description we have, and far more likely to be accurate than what ChatGPT or whatever came up with, which is essentially just a random drawing of a man.

But that didn't stop the Post from sharing the images as if they were groundbreaking and accurate, saying that Jack's face has "finally been revealed."

And boy did the internet have a field day with this one.

Honestly, given all the creepy and downright terrifying things AI has been up to lately, it's refreshing to encounter an AI situation that's merely idiotic. Thanks, New York Post!