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It Turns Out Photoshopping AirPods Into Classic Works Of Art Looks Surprisingly Natural

@LucyFurTweets/Twitter, @Roxymoxi/Twitter

There are so many crappy Photoshop jobs out there that we can't help but nod appreciatively when we spot some good work. That's one fact of life.

Here's another for you: When you give people a fun challenge, they'll get inspired and really step up to the plate.

Article Group, a creative marketing agency, asked its social media followers to Photoshop AirPods into famous works of art...

...and provided some of their own examples for inspiration:

The agency even announced it would send an actual trophy to the contest's eventual winner...

...and people went off to the races:


We have to say... we're impressed.

Thanks, Obama!


It was only a matter of time before modern art found its way into the mix.


The agency clearly didn't expect to see so many great submissions, and a winner will be announced at some point today.

Ingenious idea or blatant marketing ploy? We have to admit it: Either way, we were entertained.