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Someone Just Noticed A Cringey Error In This Instagrammer's Photo, And People Can't Even

Someone Just Noticed A Cringey Error In This Instagrammer's Photo, And People Can't Even

Influencers can make a living by taking glamorous pictures, but that doesn't mean the occasional mistake doesn't sometimes slip by the photographer's eye.

An example of just such a mistake was recently posted to the subreddit r/Facepalm with the caption: "Her clock is upside down."

It's not hard to guess what was wrong with the picture.


Coldspider927 thought she had bigger things to deal with:

"Her whole life is upside down having a kid and all white furniture. I give that shit a month and she's gonna be buying new shit"

Dis-Phunction had his doubts as to the reality of the situation:

"She probably borrowed the baby for an instagram shoot"

willflameboy appreciated this influencer's carefree way of life.

"She looks like she lives, laughs, loves with the best of them."

Was the direction of the clock the real problem? morethanhardbread wasn't so sure...

"The clock being upside down doesn't bother me as much as the fact that it's not even straight. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's tilted just a touch to the right. Only enough to make me wonder if it really is tilted..."

jraw692 actually thinks the clock may be ok!

"I'm pretty sure that's an Australian thing."

B_Murdog knows nothing's real in Instagram world.

"Bathrobe and high heels? Nothing about this makes sense."

Twitter was similarly hard on the influencer in the photo.

The internet is unforgiving when it comes to photographed mistakes.

Could the clock have some sort of Stranger Things connection?

There were, of course, other explanations offered.

One thing was certain, though—it's past this kid's bedtime!

Some people used their computers to "fix" the problem.

Just remember: when you're on Instagram, you'd better be careful.

All it takes is one slip up and suddenly you're being noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Roman numerals are hard for some folks. Best stick to numbers you recognize in the future.

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