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Woman In India Sues Prince Harry After Someone Catfished Her Into Thinking She Was Marrying Him

Woman In India Sues Prince Harry After Someone Catfished Her Into Thinking She Was Marrying Him
Peter Nicholls-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Their 2018 wedding was watched on live television by more than 29 million people. They have a child and another on the way.

And they've been photographed together on the cover of practically every magazine on Earth. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are married to each other.

And yet, a woman in India has filed suit against Prince Harry—an actual lawsuit, with a lawyer and everything—for reneging on what she claims was a promise to marry her.

Lawyers for the Punjabi woman, Palwinder Kaur, believe she was catfished by someone posing as Prince Harry who convinced her they were going to marry.

Kaur herself, however, believes otherwise.

She is convinced the emails she's been receiving are actually and factually from the Duke of Sussex himself, and cannot be persuaded otherwise. She's even attempted to file an arrest warrant to make sure someday her literal prince will come.

The documents filed in the lawsuit make this story even more bizarre.

The petition reads:

"Prayer in this petition filed by the petitioner... is to take legal action against Prince Harry Middleton son of Prince Charles Middleton resident of the United Kingdom and to direct the United Kingdom Police Cell to take action against him, as, despite a promise to marry the petitioner, the said promise has not been fulfilled."

Did you notice something odd in that petition—aside from the fact that the whole thing is deeply weird to begin with?

Like perhaps Kaur apparently thinks Prince Harry and his father's surname is Middleton—the surname of Harry's brother's wife, Duchess Kate's family?

Given that bizarre discrepancy it will probably not shock you to learn the judge involved in the case threw it out immediately, calling it "just a daydreamer's fantasy."

The internet, of course, has gotten no shortage of chuckles from this story.

A court official involved with the case said Kaur was "so blind in love that the high court had to put some light into it."

Hopefully it helps clarify the nature of the Middletons'—er, Windsors', rather—marital status for Kaur.