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Heckler On Plane Asks Cruz To Name A Single Uvalde Victim—And His Response Speaks Volumes

Heckler On Plane Asks Cruz To Name A Single Uvalde Victim—And His Response Speaks Volumes

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was confronted by a heckler on a flight who criticized him for his response to the mass shooting earlier this year at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

19 children and two teachers died during the shooting. An increased police presence at the school failed to deter the shooter.

But that didn't stop Cruz from continuing to espouse conservative talking points about how militarizing more officers could prevent further shootings. Cruz also suggested fewer doors in schools would also reduce mass shootings.

A Twitter user who uses the handle @Nathan_VBB uploaded a video of himself confronting Cruz on a plane.

When asked to name a single victim of the shooting, Cruz could not despite the fact it occurred in his state and dominated news headlines for several weeks amid renewed calls for the United States to enact comprehensive gun control legislation.

You can see what happened in the video below.

The encounter began once the man sarcastically thanks Cruz "for everything you've done since Uvalde" before cracking that all of the episodes Cruz has made since the shooting for his podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz "must have raised a lot of money."

Cruz responded "just yesterday I tried to pass the most significant school safety bill," referring to the Securing Our Schools Act of 2022, which would have provided $15 billion to double the number of school resource officers, $10 billion to hire 15,000 mental health professionals for middle and high schools and $2.56 billion for physical security improvements on school campuses.

The man in the video proceeded to ask Cruz to explain how he was able to make time to craft legislation when he was "busy recording podcast episodes."

Then he asked Cruz to name any of the victims of the Uvalde shooting, to which Cruz responded:

"I do. And ask why Chris Murphy objected and stopped the biggest school safety bill that's ever passed yesterday."

The man ignored Cruz's comment and asked him once more if he can name a single victim of the shooting but Cruz deflected, saying:

"But you don't know. You don't care about the facts. You're a partisan, that's okay."

For many, the video only confirmed Cruz not only doesn't know, but doesn't care.

They have also praised @Nathan_VBB for calling Cruz out in public.

Cruz was severely criticized in the days after the shooting when he suggested schools would be safer if there were fewer exits and if more armed officers were stationed in school buildings.

Cruz, who told Fox News it would be best to have just "one door into and out of the school and have ... armed police officers at that door" did not appear to comprehend the fact cutting down the number of exits in a school building would pose an even greater safety risk, as well as a significant fire hazard.

He went on to accuse Democrats of "empty political posturing," dismissing calls for comprehensive gun control measures.

Cruz had earlier gone on television to espouse the value in "having additional police officers there on the campus able to protect your daughter, your son, able to stop someone who would commit a horrific crime of violence before they get into the school."

The bill failed to clear a hurdle in the Senate because Cruz asked for unanimous consent, which meant the bill was doomed to fail from the moment a single Senator voted against it. Democrats, particularly Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a staunch gun control advocate, criticized the bill as little more than political theater.