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Hasbro Just Released 'Monopoly For Millennials'—And Millennials Are Not Having Any Of It

Hasbro Just Released 'Monopoly For Millennials'—And Millennials Are Not Having Any Of It
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Millennials are pretty sick of being targeted by older generations. It seems like everything is our fault. From the death of the diamond industry, to being "snowflakes" on social media, it's become a sport to make fun of millennials. But millennials fight back, too.

As if Monopoly wasn't already breeding gross capitalism, the makers of the "millennial" Monopoly have employed incredibly annoying stereotypes to appeal to our generation.

Such stereotypes include a hashtag as a game piece, and not having the ability to buy property. Instead, your hard earned monopoly money goes to "experiences" such as a 3-day music festival or a trip to a thrift shop.

And the way you start the game? Whoever has the most debt gets to roll first.

The description on Wal-Mart's website, which reads like it was written by someone who watched a movie about millennials once, says:

"MONOPOLY FOR MILLENNIALS GAME: Adulting is hard; take a break from the rat race with this edition of the Monopoly game.

PARTY BOARD GAME: This Monopoly game is a great choice for Millennials who need a break from the life of adulting; great for parties and get-togethers."

Yeah guys, adulting is sooooo hard, let's all buy some avocado toast and talk about our trip to Austin City Limits!

When Hasbro accurately represents the struggle of living with no healthcare and being forced to live in a country run by a reality TV star who doesn't attend memorials because water is falling from the sky and being perpetually exasperated because Baby Boomers refuse to give us a chance to assume control, then we will think about buying THAT board game.

Until then, Millennial Monopoly can get thrown atop the trash pile with the other condescending rubbish we have to deal with on a daily basis.

H/T: Mashable, Wal-Mart