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Harrison Ford And Ke Huy Quan Just Reunited After 38 Years—And 'Indiana Jones' Fans Are Loving It

Harrison Ford And Ke Huy Quan Just Reunited After 38 Years—And 'Indiana Jones' Fans Are Loving It

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has always been an ugly duckling in a franchise that has boasted strong entries such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Last Crusade. However, few fans can argue against the Temple of Doom character addition of Indy's sidekick Short Round (played by actor Ke Huy Quan), whose cherubic appeal made a lasting impression in the hearts of many.

Fast forward 38 years to this year's D23 expo, which featured Indy and Short Round making one last comeback.

The two actors were reunited backstage at the showcase after an emotional moment where Ford announced he was "hanging up the whip" for good. The pair posted a couple of heartwarming pictures on Instagram, and fans can't seem to get enough of it.

See the post below:

The pictures reveal a much older Quan, almost unrecognizable from his days as Indy's trusty child sidekick.

After his role with Ford, Quan took a 20-year hiatus from acting, instead shifting focus to pursue film school at the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts, where, coincidentally, Indiana Jones creator George Lucas is an honorary alumnus. As the years passed, he and Ford lost touch, and hadn't spoken since their movie aired back in 1984.

Naturally, the two were overjoyed to run into each other after they were both slated to speak at this year's D23 expo.

Twitter has blown up with comments on how happy the two appear together.

Many users are posting favorite throwbacks of the duo.

Despite taking so much time off, Quan's acting career has recently taken on a new life.

Many may recognize adult Quan from this year's critically acclaimed film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (2022), where he starred as son-in-law Waymond Wang opposite megastar actress Michelle Yeoh.

Meanwhile, at D23 it was announced that he is set to appear in season 2 of Loki as well as the upcoming Disney+ series American Born Chinese.

A moment of comedic gold saw Quan confused that he was attending a panel for Loki 2 instead of one for Indiana Jones.

Meanwhile, Ford was visibly moved at the D23 expo.

The expo featured a sneak peak of the trailer of Indiana Jones 5, confirmed as the last installment with Ford in the franchise. Reports indicate that while watching the trailer, Ford began to well up with tears. The role was arguably Ford's most popular contribution to the movie industry, and the character understandably holds a special place in his heart.

In announcing his departure from the franchise, Ford channeled his inner Indy while addressing fans.

"This is it. I will not fall down for you again."

This is a reference to the many times that Ford has refused to shy away from taking on daring stunts in an effort to bring an authentic appeal to the character we know and love. At 80, however, those antics are behind him.

Despite the sadness over his departure, Ford's reunion with Quan was a wholesome moment that provided fans joy and nostalgia. Undoubtedly, there will be a record number of Jones franchise enthusiasts rewatching the Temple of Doom over the next few days. Hear that, Netflix?