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MTG Dragged After Claiming She 'Laughed And Laughed' With Trump After His CNN Town Hall

The MAGA Rep. parroted Trump's claims about the 2020 election in a mind-numbing tweet.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Donald Trump
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

In a move that comes as no surprise to those familiar with her far-right ideology, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her unwavering support for former Republican President Donald Trump's recent town hall appearance on CNN.

Greene, known for peddling conspiracy theories and promoting extremist views, took to Twitter to laud Trump's performance, describing it as "outstanding" and suggesting a shared amusement at the dissemination of his many falsehoods.

In her tweet, the MAGA and QAnon touting Greene revealed she had a jovial conversation with the former President after his appearance on the network. Alongside a photo of herself holding a cellphone, she praised him and parroted his blatant lies about the integrity of the 2020 general election.

Greene wrote:

“I enjoyed congratulating President Trump on his outstanding town hall and undefeated record against CNN. They had to air him telling the truth about how the 2020 election was rigged and stolen."
"We laughed and laughed."

You can see her tweet below.

Unsurprisingly, Greene's tweet sparked immediate backlash from critics who found her unwavering support of Trump's baseless claims and divisive rhetoric deeply concerning.

Her consistent promotion of conspiracy theories and alignment with the former President has garnered widespread condemnation from many.

The controversy surrounding Greene is not new. She has been at the center of numerous controversies since her election to Congress, including past statements endorsing QAnon, a debunked and fringe conspiracy theory.

Despite facing calls for her removal from office and rebuke from her own party, Greene has remained defiant, steadfastly defending her views and promoting her extremist agenda.

It is clear that Greene's tweet praising Trump's town hall is consistent with her track record of aligning herself with divisive figures and promoting misinformation.

Her unapologetic support for the former President's baseless claims further deepens the divisions within an already polarized political landscape.