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MTG Roasted After Altering 'MAGA' Hat To Call Out Republicans For Supporting Ukraine

MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene pulled out a blue and yellow 'MUGA' hat at a recent press conference as part of a performative stunt to call out House Speaker Mike Johnson and other 'uniparty' Republicans for working with Democrats to aid Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Far-right Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was ruthlessly mocked for a recent press conference stunt where she tried to promote a hat with the phrase MUGA–or "Make Ukraine Great Again"–to bash her GOP colleagues, in particular, House Speaker Mike Johnson—in support of Ukraine aid.

The phrase was a riff on former Republican President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" MAGA slogan that staunch supporters adopted during the 2016 election.

MTG's little sideshow followed her announcement last week that she planned to try to oust Johnson for supporting foreign aid bills including $60.8 billion to help Ukraine in their fight against Russian forces.

The motion is expected to fail due to a lack of support from dissenters in her party and Democrats willing to help prevent Johnson's ouster.

However, MTG claimed that forcing the vote would expose to voters that Democrats support Johnson, whom she said was just following Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries.

She touted her MUGA catchphrase on X (formerly Twitter) with a video of her explaining that the slogan of the Uniparty—a GOP-coined phrase referring to Republican detractors who support bipartisan initiatives—was Make Ukraine Great Again.

She wrote in the caption:

"The Uniparty hates MAGA. They don’t want to Make America Great Again."
"The Uniparty is MUGA. Make Ukraine Great Again."
"Another forever war spending hundreds of BILLIONS of your dollars brought to you by Uniparty Speaker Mike Johnson."

The accompanying video clip showed MTG placing the blue and yellow MUGA hat on Johnson's head in the large photograph behind her.

The internet had a hard time taking her seriously.

Unfortunately for MTG, her condemning the Uniparty with the MUGA hat backfired as the internet co-opted the phrase as a reclamation of power for Ukraine.

She never saw this coming.

In response to MTG's antics, Johnson simply uttered the Southern backhanded insult: "Bless her heart."