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MTG Blasted After Telling Gay Stepmom She's Not A Mom Because She's 'Not A Biological Mother'

The GOP Rep. shamed American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten during a hearing about their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

C-SPAN 3 screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene; C-SPAN 3 screenshot of Randi Weingarten

During a congressional hearing Thursday, Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene drew sharp criticism for homophobic comments made toward Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

The hearing was part of the House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee’s Select Coronavirus Crisis hearing, with Weingarten called to answer questions on the AFT’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and school shutdowns.

Greene, known for her controversial and often homophobic statements, grilled Weingarten on her credentials to offer advice about classrooms or children, despite Weingarten having worked primarily as a full-time teacher in the 1990s. At one stage, Greene questioned whether Weingarten was a mother and repeatedly demanded to know if she was a medical doctor.

Weingarten, who is gay and married to Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, stated she is a "mother by marriage," to which Greene responded:

"By marriage, I see."

She added:

“You need to admit you’re just a political activist. Not a teacher, not a mother, not a medical doctor.”

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Greene’s comment that Weingarten was “not a mother” drew swift criticism from Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia, who is also gay and told Weingarten:

"You are a mother. Thank you for being a great parent."

In a Twitter post which featured a video of the exchange, Garcia pledged to "object" whenever Greene "says that adopted or parents through marriage aren't real parents."

Others directed their own criticisms at Greene.

Following the congressional hearing, Weingarten took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the opportunity to clarify the AFT's response to the pandemic.

In a statement released by the AFT, Weingarten stated her appreciation for the subcommittee's attention to the issue of children's learning during the pandemic.

She urged lawmakers to prioritize practical solutions to help students rebound and excel, rather than indulging in politics and cultural conflicts that undermine vulnerable students and educators.

Greene has made a name for herself by regularly sharing misinformation and trafficking conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic.

She previously referred to vaccine mandates as a form of "segregation" and stoked significant controversy after she invoked the Holocaust in reference to lockdown measures and mask-wearing.

Greene was previously suspended from Twitter after she violated the platform's rules regarding COVID-19 misinformation. At the time, she claimed the FDA "should not approve the covid vaccines" and vaccines were "failing" and not actually curbing the spread of the virus.