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Lindsey Graham Slammed For Tone Deaf 'Good Guys With Guns' Tweet After Nashville Bodycam Footage Released

After bodycam footage of the police officers who took out the Nashville shooter was released, Lindsey Graham celebrated them with a tone deaf tweet.

Lindsey Graham
Rebecca Noble/Getty Images

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham posted a tweet criticized by many as tone-deaf and insensitive in reference to the fatal shooting of six people including three children at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday.

Graham praised "good guys with guns" in response to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department's release of bodycam footage from the two officers who killed a mass shooter at Nashville's Covenant School.

But the premise of a "good guy with a gun" as a reason to block any gun control measures by gun rights advocates refers to civilians carrying firearms, not trained members of law enforcement.

The police released the footage on Tuesday, March 28 which showed officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo as they entered the building and confronted the shooter.

Shortly afterward, Graham responded with the gun rights pandering tweet:

"Smart. Brave. Good guys with guns works."

You can see Graham's tweet below.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers quickly disembarked from their vehicles and equipped themselves with rifles.

They made it known that they were law enforcement officials before commencing a search of various rooms on the first floor, after which they swiftly proceeded to the second floor.

In a spacious area in proximity to large windows, multiple officers opened fire in quick bursts towards the perpetrator. The recordings captured the suspect on the ground as the officers drew near.

Police surveillance footage unveiled by authorities depicted the shooter discharging rounds at the windows of the school's doors prior to traversing the hallways, carrying a military-style semi-automatic rifle.

Additionally, another rifle was slung across the perpetrator's body. The suspect was attired in a tactical vest, camouflage pants and a red cap.

Nothing about the event is as glib as Graham's tweet and he was swiftly called out by actor and activist Bradley Whitford, best known for his roles on The West Wing, Transparent and The Handmaid's Tale.

Whitford said:

"And you are neither, [Lindsey Graham]. Instead you choose to enable the slaughter of innocent children."

You can see Whitford's tweet below.

Others soon joined Whitford in criticizing Graham's tone-deaf tweet.

Many noted the community was still grieving.

The shooter took the lives of six people ranging in age from 9 to 61 in just a few minutes: Evelyn Dieckhaus - 9, Hallie Scruggs - 9, William Kinney - 9, Cynthia Peak - 61, Katherine Koonce - 60 and Mike Hill - 61.

They called Graham's tweet unhelpful or inappropriate in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

The release of the body camera footage is a significant development in this case, as it provides the public with an opportunity to see the events as they unfolded.

The incident underscores the need for sensitivity and compassion in the wake of tragic events, rather than the promotion of gun lobby rhetoric to promote gun sales.

Graham has not walked back his remarks or responded to the backlash.