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Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Just Masterfully Pranked Him With A 'Disappearing' Egg Trick On TikTok

Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Just Masterfully Pranked Him With A 'Disappearing' Egg Trick On TikTok

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may swear like a sailor and inflict the fear of God into fully grown adults on hit shows like Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay'sKitchen Nightmares, but a recent TikTok video showed even Britain's favorite kitchen cuss-volcano can end up on getting the business end of an interaction.

It took Ramsay's 19-year-old daughter, Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay to put him on his heels.

The young Ramsay set up a selfie video as she sat down with her dad to show him what at first appeared to be a magic trick. With Kreepa's "Oh No" laying down the background music—an apt choice, as viewers would go on to discover—Tilly setup the old disappearing egg trick.

She flashed an egg, positioned it above a water bottle with a narrow opening and appeared to jam the egg into the bottle. Ramsay—Gordon, that is—appeared puzzled and leaned in for a closer look at where the egg went.

That's when Tilly executed the one-two punch to finish off the gag.

@tillyramsay I'm still running far far away.... ##ohno ##fyp @gordonramsayofficial
♬ Oh No - Kreepa

With her dad's face hovering over the bottle, Tilly blasted water out of the opening to drench his whole head.

Then, as Gordon sat reeling from the shock of that, she swung her arm around to slam the raw egg on the back of his head. She'd been hiding it in her hand the entire time.

Tilly then immediately ran away, leaving Ramsay to do all he could. He sat and chuckled to himself and accept the absurd defeat he just suffered.

TikTok users were so excited to see Gordon Ramsay on the butt end of a joke.

U mad bro?/TikTok


Scotty Willis/TikTok

Others simply could not imagine the bravery it must have taken to look that man in the eyes and pull the prank Tilly just pulled.

you know me/TikTok



A few enjoyed the chance to apply some classic Ramsay-isms to the situation.



While some on TikTok may have been surprised by the elder Ramsay's reaction, anyone who has seen the chef interact with the children on Master Chef Junior knew Gordon has a softer side when it comes to children. Including his own.

Gordon and his wife Tana have five children: Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda and Oscar.