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'Glee' Star Kevin McHale Publicly Comes Out in Tweet Praising Ariana Grande's New Single


Kevin McHale, who portrayed wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams on the high school show-choir comedy Glee, has been prompting speculation from his fans on social media over his sexuality. Now, in a reaction to Ariana Grande's new single, No Tears Left to Cry, it seems McHale has officially come out of the closet and his followers are delighted!

Over the past couple months, McHale would frequently post adorable pictures of himself and actor Austin McKenzie on Instagram:


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McHale also posted a photo of himself holding hands with a mystery person (who fans suspected to be Mackenzie).


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At one point, it seemed McHale was just trolling his followers.

When one Twitter user called him a "miserable closet queen," McHale responded:

I'm not miserable.

Finally, McHale ended all the wondering with a series of tweets reacting to Ariana Grande's new single:

Fans were delighted!

Congratulations, Kevin! In honor of the occasion, we hope you get the Janet Jackson remix you've been hoping for.

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