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Sports Radio Announcer Fired After Making Sexist 'Barbie' Comment About Female Reporter

Washington Commanders announcer Michael Sorce, AKA Don Geronimo, was fired after his on-air comments about WUSA-TV reporter Sharla McBride.

Sports Radio Announcer Fired After Making Sexist 'Barbie' Comment About Female Reporter
@DonGeronimoShow/Twitter; @SharlaMcBride/Twitter

Sometimes the decision to give sports coverage to a long-time shock jock radio personality can backfire. That is what happened when the Washington Commanders recently had to fire Don Geronimo—whose real name is Michael Sorce—as their announcer after he made comments on-air about Sharla McBride, a reporter for WUSA-TV.

Sorce, while live on air, called McBride a 'Barbie' and continued the joke for a few lines. He later referred to her as 'that chick,' and also said "I'm guessing she's a cheerleader." Sorce and his producer were removed from being able to broadcast the day after the comments, and Sorce was fired from his station shortly thereafter.

ESPN interviewed McBride, who thanked the Commanders for taking swift action.

"In my 17 years as a professional journalist, I have never been disrespected in such a blatant manner while trying to do my job. Their words were sexist and misogynistic. No woman should experience this in the workplace, and I appreciate the Commanders' swift response in handling this matter."

Radio personality Don Geronimo fired for making disparaging remarks on air about a sports

Most folks were in support of the Commanders' decision to fire Sorce.

Others chose to comment on Sorce's 'Don Geronimo' personality.

Some people were surprised that he was even still on the air at all.

The incident also inspired a conversation about professionalism in radio and comedy.

After Geronimo posted that he was considering how best to comment on the situation, he got a much-needed truth bomb.

The Commanders continue their pre-season and have a game against the Browns on August 11th.