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Gay Couple Offers Up A Legendary Response To The A**hole Who Stole Their Pride Flag


A Chicago gay couple had a few choice words and actions for an anonymous "a**hole" who stole their pride flag off of their porch.

Their first action was to buy a ton more pride flags and then make the best video ever.

The video has since gone viral, with over 44,000 likes on Twitter.

To the tune of "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross, one of the couple performs various shenanigans, such as wiping his eyes with a large pride flag and pulling a long thread of pride flags out of his mouth at the same time.

"We're so sorry a rainbow bruised your fragile ego," they said over the course of the video.

"But don't worry. We have next-day Amazon Prime."

"And smile, you're on camera!" they continued as they set up a security camera to make sure that if their flags were once again stolen, they would know who the culprit was.

"You can keep taking our flag but you can never take our pride," they ended.

Pride flags, an ineffable show of support for the LGBTQ+ community, belong where they're set, and stealing them is an act of violence against LGBTQ+ people.