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Turns Out Florida Man Who Waved Gun At Black Homeowner During Racist Rant Has Been Faking Being A Navy SEAL For Years

Joseph Fucheck of Miami, Florida was recently caught on video waving his gun at a Black homeowner.

He also shouted racist rhetoric and slurs.

During his rant, Fucheck claimed to be a former Navy SEAL and recipient of the Purple Heart.

Investigations following his arrest have revealed both of these claims regarding military service were false.

South Florida Man Accused Of Racist Rant

According to The Miami Herald:

"Fucheck, 58, has been masquerading as a Navy SEAL for years, adding another twist in the strange story that made headlines across the country."
"The Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, which maintains paperwork for all SEALs since World War II, has no record of him."
"A real retired Navy SEAL, who tried confronting Fucheck a few years ago, called the man's bogus dress uniform a 'total and complete mess.'"

Fucheck's own daughter told the Herald:

"He's a narcissist. He just has to be the center of attention."

Fucheck's daughter claims her father began this lie years ago.

He created many forged documents to back the lie up.

The act of lying about military service—especially by people who have never served in the military in any capacity—is commonly referred to as "stolen valor."

Under the Stolen Valor Act, profiting off of false claims of military accolades is a federal crime.

Now, Fucheck faces up to 15 years in prison for what may end up being classified as a hate crime.

With the entire incident filmed for the world to see, there seems little doubt Fucheck will face consequences for his actions.