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Fox News Mocked After Claiming Libraries Have Turned Into 'Drug-Infested Sex Dens'

The bonkers claim from the Fox News program 'The Five' made the rounds on X, formerly Twitter, sparking immediate ridicule.

Fox News Mocked After Claiming Libraries Have Turned Into 'Drug-Infested Sex Dens'
YouTube/Fox News

The hosts of Fox News' The Five sparked immediate ridicule after claiming that libraries have turned into "drug-infested sex dens," with co-host Jesse Watters declaring that libraries "are no longer safe in [President] Joe Biden's America."

Watters said that his "once favorite place" has transitioned into a "ratty hook-up den," cutting to a report from the New York Post about librarians who "struggle to contain rampant sex, drug use and violence at branches across the country."

Watters added:

"It's so bad in San Francisco are now demanding security guards be stationed at every branch. One poor woman saw herself standing between a half-dressed man wielding a sharp letter opener and a group of pre-schoolers."

Fox contributor Richard Fowler added that union workers in San Francisco are "asking for more security in their libraries" at the same time that the city is experiencing "a decrease in crime." He said that "the narrative that crime is widespread is actually not matching up with the statistics" that have confirmed this decrease since "the highs of the COVID pandemic."

Co-host Jeanine Pirro scoffed at Fowler's points, saying:

"Do you really believe that? Do you step outside?"

Co-host Greg Gutfeld also disputed Fowler's remarks, claiming that crime statistics as presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are "flawed." Pirro concurred and said that home prices in San Francisco have dropped as a result of the actual crime rate, though she did not provide any evidence to back up her point.

You can hear what they said in the video below.

Fox News: Libraries Turning Into Drug-Infested, Sex

The mockery was swift.

Libraries have emerged as a major flashpoint among hard-line Republicans who've pushed back against literature—including books with LGBTQ+ themes—they've deemed "subversive."

Typically, legislators initiate book bans as their first step. If these bans don't yield the desired results, they often escalate to threats of defunding local libraries. This pattern tends to emerge in states where lawmakers seek to restrict healthcare access for transgender individuals, limit drag performances, and regulate discussions on gender, sexuality, race, and history in schools.

The value of libraries is immeasurable. Beyond providing free access to knowledge, they serve as vital community hubs offering a diverse array of resources to people of all ages, from children and adolescents to the elderly and parents.

Over time, certain factions within the GOP have increasingly resorted to drastic measures in the name of censorship, resulting in significant setbacks for libraries nationwide.

Advocates for library closures often cite concerns about "inappropriate topics" for children and make unsubstantiated claims about schools indoctrinating or "grooming" children with leftist ideologies. They also emphasize the importance of "school choice," enabling parents to use state funds for private or charter schools, and promoting parental control over their children's education.