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Woman Speaks Out With Advice To Other Victims After Fighting Off Attacker In Apartment Gym

Florida bodybuilder Nashali Alma told women to 'keep fighting' if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Nashali Alma

A woman exercising in a Tampa, Florida apartment complex gym recently had one of most women's worst nightmares.

Nashali Alma was assaulted by a man as she was working out alone.

However, Alma is a strength trainer and fought him off successfully, not relenting until she could get away.

The man was located and arrested the next day.

In an interview, Alma gave advice that she says saved her—just keep fighting.

"My parents always told me that in live you never give up on anything."
"That's what I was thinking when I was fighting him....If I keep going, if I keep pushing, keep fighting, he's gonna stop."
"He's gonna let go."

Once free, Alma ran to a nearby apartment to call for help.

People were glad Alma got away.

Others commented on how their nightmare is this happening at a gym, where they go to work out and find some peace.

Many commenters remarked it's not just the gym.

Threats to women's safety are everywhere.

Constant vigilance is tiring, one woman shared.

Several people suggested women get a weapon.

However, others pointed out if you bring a weapon to a fight, you need to be prepared for it to be used against you.

Finally, several suggested people familiarize themselves with the security features on their phones, which can sometimes help.

We're glad Alma got away and her experience and advice with others.