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Florida Fitness Junkies Demanding That Gyms Reopen Are Getting Dragged For Protesting By Doing Push-Ups And Squats


This is really the strangest timeline.

In a showcase of "then why do you even need this?" Florida protestors in Clearwater decided to protest gym closings in the area by...exercising.

A video taken by a WFLA News helicopter showed a group of protestors outside the Clearwater courthouse protesting gym closures.

Their chosen method of protest?


Without the gym.

And folks were puzzled because, if you can work out on the sidewalk...

...why do you need the gym to be open?

As the lockdowns across the nation feel more and more endless, people are understandably craving their old lives.

But when it's something you can clearly do without the aid of a facility, why risk your life for It?

More importantly, why make a show out of it?

Some states will be easing restrictions starting this week, Florida among them.

It is still unclear exactly when gyms will open and all life can return to normal, but a surefire way to slow that process is to seed more outbreaks.

Exercise at home.

All will be okay again, at some point in the future.

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