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Woman Shares Powerful Thread About Eradicating Transphobia From Feminism

Woman Shares Powerful Thread About Eradicating Transphobia From Feminism

On Friday, the U.K. government consulted to reformat the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

The GRA is a 2004 Act of British Parliament allowing transgender people to be legally recognized.

Updating GRA has been a long time coming. Many saw the Act as outdated, unable to truly benefit those it serves.

Previously, there were no provisions in place for non-binary people—who neither identify as "male" or "female"—to be legally defined as anything other than one of a binary gender.

LGBTQ advocate group, Stonewall, sought to reform the Gender Recognition Act so it can recognize non-binary identities. It would also give 16 – 17-year-olds the right of self-determination through a "simpler and more streamlined administrative process," according to the community website.

Stonewall hopes that under the reformed act, trans people will no longer be required to obtain a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria to transition or to have their identities legally recognized.

Unfortunately, there is a small demographic claiming themselves to be feminists campaigning against "self-declaration" – which is the right for trans people to declare their own gender, according to Indy100.

These so-called feminists—commonly referred to as TERFs or "trans-exclusionary radical feminists"—view trans people, with the right to self-declare their gender, as being a threat to women.

Such transphobia created a rift for the majority of feminists who widely embrace trans people.

In response, pro-trans feminists have spoken in support.

Fiona Longmuir started a powerful thread on Twitter to support the transgender community ahead of the consultation that reached its October 19 deadline.

In conclusion, Fiona said that everyone should live their "truest, fullest life," and reminded everyone to fill out the GRA consultation form.

Other feminists came forward in full support of Fiona's thread and updating the Gender Recognition Act.

Actress Emma Watson also expressed her support for the trans community and Stonewall's mission.

Others continued expressing the importance of changing the outdated GRA.

Non-binary trans activist Fox Fisher stressed the importance of supporting the trans community, who are being portrayed by transphobic hate groups as sex offenders and criminals.

"Those advocating against the act has used the opportunity to try and demonize trans people as a whole, and have started comparing trans people to sex offenders, perverts and dangerous criminals, much like was done to gay people surrounding section 28," said Fisher.

"It's so important that people stick up for trans people, because we need that support more than ever."

Fisher's partner, also a non-binary activist, Owl Fisher, added:

"This reform has been made into one of the biggest issues in modern times despite it being a very small change that will only affect trans people."
"We just want to get on with our lives, and this GRA reform will make our lives so much easier."

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