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Woman's Face Balloons Up After Treatment To Dissolve Lip Filler Causes Major Allergic Reaction

Woman's Face Balloons Up After Treatment To Dissolve Lip Filler Causes Major Allergic Reaction

A video eerily reminiscent of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge from many moons ago is making the rounds and has recently gone viral on TikTok.

TikToker @rubesfr used the social media app to chronicle her life-threatening experience with removing her lip injections and the results, temporarily, had the opposite of the desired outcome.

You can see her video here:


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Ruby went into her doctor's office for a routine lip-filler removal procedure but left looking like a character straight out of the Simpsons due to an unexpected, allergic reaction to the dissolvent.

The supposed-to-be-routine removal process ended up snowballing into a life threatening ordeal for the TikToker.

The comments on the viral video were overwhelmingly sympathetic and supportive of Ruby, with some trying to find a smidgen of humor to lighten the seriousness of the situation.



Unbeknownst to Ruby prior to her appointment, she had a severe allergy to the dissolvent used to remove the filler from her lips.

The reaction was severe enough she found herself in the emergency room as her lips and face continued to balloon as a result of the allergy.

In the 27 second video, Ruby stitched together a myriad of photos cataloguing the evolution of her face as the reaction progressed with the text overlay reading:

"I had my lip filler dissolved....and ended up in hospital."

The progression of the swelling took a majority of viewers by surprise given how swollen Ruby's mouth and face were at the beginning of the TikTok.

Many showed concern and dismay over the fact the swelling continued to get worse.



The TikTok, which has nearly 1 million views, 36,000 likes, and almost 100 comments has left many leery of ever undergoing cosmetic procedures given the inherent and potentially overwhelming risks associated with it.

While a majority of the comments on the video were those of concern for Ruby's well-being, some slammed the young woman for utilizing "NHS resources" for something like an allergic reaction.

Those comments moved many to come to Ruby's defense.



While the picture and video evidence of the harrowing ordeal left many concerned, a few of the photos showed Ruby was still in good spirits despite the situation, with some photos featuring her making comedic faces for the camera.

The severity of the situation pushed Ruby to realize she will no longer opt for fillers, with her confirming that decision in a comment on the video.


Ruby has since posted an update video...


#foryou #fyp #imokay show TikTok users she's doing just "swell" after receiving medical attention.

All's well that ends well.

We're glad Ruby came out of her ordeal OK.