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People Confess What Embarrassing Things Would Be Learned About Them If They Suddenly Died

Reddit user jotazepp asked: 'What's the most embarrassing thing people would find out if you suddenly die?'

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The thing about life is no one gets out alive.

It's inevitable. We're all going to die someday.

How and when is rarely in our control, so a lot of loose ends can be left in our wake.

Reddit user jotazepp asked:

"What's the most embarrassing thing people would find out if you suddenly die?"

Search History

"I'm a heterosexual female, but my search history would not indicate that."

~ helicopterdong

"I'm a heterosexual man, but my search history would suggest I'm a woman."

~ SCP_radiantpoison

"I’m a heterosexual female that likes to watch homosexual male [adult videos]."

~ Dry_Intern5459

"I’m queer and prefer heterosexual, missionary style [adult videos]."

~ RadishPlus666

Research Project

"That I've been conducting a covert mission to document and rate every public restroom I've ever visited, complete with cleanliness scores and ambiance evaluations."

~ LunaaCakez


"My 71-year-old single, never married aunt passed away last month. Upon her death, we discovered she was a hoarder. Her house was so cluttered with stuff that there was barely a narrow pathway to walk anywhere inside it."

"Had this been discovered while she was alive, it would've been extremely embarrassing for her."

"My aunt wouldn't allow anyone in the family in her home during her last ten years. Her home wasn't always like that."

"She wasn't found dead in her home. She was taken to the hospital when her sister (my Mom) hadn't heard from her for four days which hadn't happened before."

"My Mom called the police to check on her and that's when she was found on the floor of her bedroom unable to move and unable to reach her cellphone. Once in the hospital, she refused to allow anyone to retrieve her cellphone from her house."

"Out of respect for her privacy, no one retrieved it until she passed."

"My aunt was loved by everyone who knew her. She was a kind, thoughtful, and generous person. Her secret once exposed did not diminish our love for her one bit."

~ thx1138guy


"To do lists from when I've been depressed with stuff like 'take a shower' and 'go outside' and mostly not crossed off."

~ go_eat_worms


"I'm female, and a male ex of mine—we parted amicably—loves dressing up in women's clothes, especially lacy underwear, silky nighties etc..."

"He was really scared he was going to die, and his family would find all this stuff. So he keeps it in an old suitcase of mine with my name, flight tags and address on it."

"So it looks like I've left it at his house. I personally think they'll still be surprised as I don't wear anything fancy (just jeans, black t shirts, etc...), but it keeps him happy."

~ Cold_Hamster_1041

Emotions Journal

"Diary-entry-like random notes where I’m venting about certain people/situations."

"Writing has always been a helpful way for me to process more intense/confusing emotions, but I do worry that if I suddenly die those notes will be found and people who I genuinely cared about in life may then think that this one random journal entry represented 'the real way' I actually secretly thought about them in totality."

"When really it was just a moment and not representative of my whole relationship with them."

~ LaughingOwl4

"I actually wrote a disclaimer at the top of my worry journal for this reason."

"I explained that it was the place where I worked through difficult feelings and it wasn't representative of reality; it was the worst parts of me that I didn't want to bring to the relationship."

"I don't want anyone to think I didn't love them because I was struggling with fear or anger."

~ mikuooeeoo


"I still play with G.I. Joes and Ninja Turtles in the bathtub and I’m 42 years old."

"It’ll be obvious no matter where I die because both of my bathtubs and my hot tub are full of them. The only children that come over already outgrew playing with G.I. Joes."

"Everybody will know they’re mine."

~ MC_Sepsmegistus-Jr

"F*ck it man. I have a baby Yoda that I adore and I’m 54. Some of us need that inner child support!"

~ stuck_behind_a_truck


"I think I’m scared of anybody reading my diary. For my family (husband, kids, parents), friends and coworkers I’m a smiling and active person.

"But in reality I’m ALWAYS afraid of life, full of depressive thoughts, constantly fighting to not let my anxiety get the control of my mind knowing most of my life anxiety will win."

"If someone read what I write, they will know that I was actually acting at being a good person when actually I’m a psychiatric case with no solution."

~ No_No_ahMY


"The Hello Kitty tattoo on my butt."

"I'm a guy."

~ Delightfulboi

Speaking Of Hello Kitty...

"I’m a tradesperson—think construction, plumbing, etc...—and I met a city employee through my work that is obsessed with Hello Kitty."

"It took several months of building trust talking about my own obsessive collections for him to admit to me that the interior of his entire house is fully decorated in Hello Kitty pink and all kinds of different Hello Kitty merchandise—couch covers, all the sheets and bedspreads, dishes, appliances, everything in the house is Hello Kitty."

"He’s shown me pictures of the home and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he has part ownership in the Sanrio store not far from our city."

"47 year-old male tradesperson who honestly looks like the definition of a big burly manly man. It makes him happy, but he's not telling the world."

~ owlsandmoths


"The lack of funds currently in my bank account."

~ Reddit

Nom De Plume

"That I write romance books under a pen name and they sell."

~ WestGotIt1967

"...and here is my fear."

"I successfully publish European historical erotica under a White female pen name. I'm a Black guy from the hood."

"I would die in the afterlife all over again if my family ever discovers my secret."

~ OnyxMilk

Boudoir Secrets

"We have some *ahem* interesting proclivities in the bedroom, so we already have a pact with each other to get rid of the evidence if one of us goes first."

"We have a friend who promised to take care of it if we go at the same time."

~ Carrots-1975


"I told all my friends that if I die before them they should turn my memorial service into a total roast."

"Be merciless, I told them."

"Someone’s getting embarrassed. Just not me."

~ Lamia_77


"Honestly nothing."

"I’m that boring."

"In the autopsy they’d see I have hemorrhoids but besides that not much else."

~ mte87

Is there anything you'd rather people not find after your death?