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Elon Musk Marks Twitter Takeover With Bizarre Sink Video–And Fitting New Twitter Bio

Elon Musk changed his Twitter bio to 'Chief Twit' after showing up at Twitter HQ with a sink.

Elon Musk Marks Twitter Takeover With Bizarre Sink Video–And Fitting New Twitter Bio

Billionaire Elon Musk marked his takeover of Twitter with a bizarre video carrying a porcelain sink into the company's headquarters.

Musk also changed his Twitter bio to read "Chief Twit," a sign that he is moving ahead as the company's official owner though there is as of yet no official word that his acquisition of the social media platform is complete.

Twitter confirmed that the video was real. It shows Musk strolling into the building and is accompanied by the following caption:

"Entering Twitter HQ — let that sink in!"

You can see Musk's video below.

Musk's gloating might suggest that he feels vindicated following his many complaints about Twitter's moderation rules and his argument the social media company needs to go private if it wants to become a platform for free speech.

The actual story is a little more complicated.

Musk has come under heavy criticism in recent months after he announced he was abandoning his deal to purchase Twitter for $44 billion.

Musk accused Twitter of misrepresenting user data, saying the company failed to respond to multiple requests for information on fake or spam accounts. He added he was terminating his bid due to a “material breach of multiple provisions” of the agreement.

Twitter sued Musk in an effort to get a court to enforce the deal, and after much back-and-forth, Musk agreed to buy the company for the initially agreed upon price.

His videotaped stunt was not well received.

The deadline for Musk's deal to take Twitter private is tomorrow and was ordered by the Delaware Chancery Court earlier this month.

The deal is expected to close with no other snags and would end a legal battle that has dragged on since the summer, when Musk initially announced he would back out of the deal following months of enthusiasm amid complaints about Twitter's content moderation policies.