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Conservative Politician Under Investigation After Saying 'All White Men Should Have A Black Slave'

Pembrokeshire Council member Andrew Edwards is being investigated by his own party after a recording of his incendiary remarks sparked mass outrage.

Andrew Edwards
Pembrokeshire Council

A Tory politician in the United Kingdom is under investigation for allegedly making racially derogatory statements in a leaked audio recording.

Pembrokeshire Council member Andrew Edwards is accused of saying:

“All White men should have a Black slave."

Edwards also claimed Black people are of “lower class” than White people.

The audio clip—which is only 16 seconds long—was sent to Head of Law and Governance at Pembrokeshire County Council Rhian Young. She believed it to be Edwards and recommended an investigation be started by his own party—the Conservative Party which is commonly referred to as the Tories.

You can hear the audio for yourself below.

Conservative councilor Edwards also self-referred the allegations against him to the Public Services Ombudsman and enlisted the support of an independent party to look into the audio clip. Edwards also deactivated Edwards his media accounts and declined to speak to the media.

The audio recording has received widespread condemnation, with many calling for Edwards to be removed from his positions as councilor, magistrate, and school governor.

Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies in the Welsh Parliament described the remarks as “disgraceful” and “abhorrent,” adding that they are “not shared by the Welsh Conservatives.”

The views expressed on the recording were also called “disgusting” by the opposition party representative, who stated that racism has "no place in society, let alone in the views expressed by an elected member on Pembrokeshire County Council."

Many decried Edwards' remarks.

Assuming the ombudsman takes up the case, the investigation is likely to continue for approximately six weeks.

In the event that the voice on the audio is indeed that of Edwards, he would be deemed ineligible for holding the office, required to vacate his seat, and barred from assuming any public office for the next five years.

It remains uncertain whether this decision would have any bearing on his other roles and responsibilities.