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Dua Lipa's High School Yearbook Career Goals Just Resurfaced—And She Blew Them Out Of The Water

The pop singer has greatly exceeded her teenage goals—and then some.

Dua Lipa
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Who actually lives their high school dream life?

Dua Lipa, apparently.

Recently someone who went to high school with the pop star went through their old yearbook, in which Lipa was quite detailed in what she wanted out of life.

After choosing a favorite show, Misfits, she went on to say in 10 years time she would be "hopefully working—something to do with TV or radio… media I suppose.”

She certainly did that.

People replied with much the same sentiment, wishing her well and saying she definitely did do something in TV or radio way past her dreams.

Others chose to focus on the assembly of unique names on display in the yearbook.

Still others read through Lipa's section, then became fascinated by the person below her, Indigo.

Keeping it tongue-in-cheek, one person summed up many responses.

We're certain we'll see more of her on radio and/or TV soon.